Your Happy Customers Are Your Best Marketers – Marketing Tips

Regardless of the type of the service or product that your small business offers, your end users trust each other more, than you.

You are small. Your brand name is not known. Your product is not seen on billboards or trendy magazines. So why should your customers trust you? The cost of retaining a customer is usually 80% lower than acquiring a new one, so why not capitalizing on the existing customers that you already have acquired and expand on influence marketing?

Big businesses look at a customer in front of their cash-till as a sales revenue. You, as a small business owner, should see your customers as your marketers, your messenger, your representatives. Ask them how they found you. Tell them to contact you if they faced any issue with the product or the service. Make them aware that you care about their experience and not for their money. Next time you see them ask them how happy they are with the product or service. Is there anything else they see that could improve the product or the service they received.

Influence marketing is the king in today’s competitive landscape. Your happy customers are your best marketers.


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Koorosh Nejad

Koorosh started up his first venture in 1999, an online flower shop. He is an angel investor and a startup guru in the technology domain. Koorosh believes in developing local economies through suppor...

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