You Are Multi-Skilled, Just You Don’t Know Yet!

Few industries are famous for their cyclical behavior. Current low commodity prices has put more than 200,000 people out of their jobs in the oil and gas sector (2015). Areas such as Alberta in Canada, and Texas in US have received the biggest hit.

Can those lost jobs wait and hope for the best? Absolutely not. Life has to move on and men and women have families to feed. So in addition to job search and networking, you could look deeper in you, and see what other skills you have to put at work.

If you have been good in math back in school time you could do tutoring. If you are multi-lingual (luck hey!) you can provide language lessons. How about sports, essay writing, landscaping, few touch ups around the house e.g. plumbing, paining, etc.

See, when you think about it you are multi-skill. So just gather your thoughts and put a little bit of effort to format what you want to offer, and then list 3 ways you want to market your services. Opening an Ads on LocoBiz could be one of them.



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