Why Should You Create Multiple Ads on LocoBiz?

Unlike other business directories you could have several Ads on LocoBiz all under one profile. Let us explain it through an example.

Mary lives in South West Calgary. She is a financial adviser with one of the banks in downtown. She is taking CFA courses with university of Calgary on Wednesdays. She also plays piano very well and has a passion for teaching piano to the kids. Mary has made a profile on LocoBiz and now she wants to create few Ads (learn more on creating Ads on LocoBiz). Here are Mary’s Ads:

a. Mary creates an Ads named “Financial Advisory for Small Businesses”, for downtown Calgary over 4:00 to 6:00pm weekdays. She wants to provide financial planning services to small businesses in downtown Calgary, and avoid the rush hours.

b. She also creates an Ads named “Piano Lessons for Kids”. She sets this Ads for SW Calgary in her neighbourhood and only for Saturdays between 9:00 to 12:00am.

c. Mary also creates an Ads named “Tutoring Math 1” for location University of Calgary campus area so she could fill in her 3 hours between classes with some tutoring on Math. She sets this Ads for Wednesdays only.


The above example demonstrates how you could take the advantage of LocoBiz’s flexibility in creating multiple independent Ads that they have different topic, different location and different timing.

Any questions, please contact us.

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