Why Kijiji is not a free classifieds anymore?

With more than 16,000 daily ads posted on Kijiji, it is by far the most popular free classifieds in Canada. However, the higher the popularity, the lower its effectiveness to advertisers.

Once popular for individuals and small businesses, Kijiji has lost its popularity because it is not free anymore. No matter what it is you want to post; a car to sell, an ad for dog walking, a day home you run, or your math tutoring, as soon as you click on submit your ad on Kijiji will be on page 3 and beyond. Within few hours you have to look for it in pages 15 to 30 depends on the category you post of course. Try it for yourself.

If you want to be visible you have to pay. And here is the trick. Effectively Kijiji is not free anymore. This problem adds to the other handicaps that Kijiji has such as lack of review and feedback, and an easy-to-use favorite system. The former cost me calling a second plumber, as the one I called from Kijiji simply made a mess in our kitchen.

If you have tried LocoBiz you would realize that your post will be put on a map. Our map system removes the hierarchy hence shows the visitor the services around him/her. Still, you could see the ads on a list system too.

The objective is to reach out to your local customers easy and free of charge, this is what LocoBiz is all about. LocoBiz is dedicated to student jobs seekers, temp jobs hunting, summer jobs and freelancers.



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  • Peggy Suzana

    Hey, thanks for this insightful post. I have been a long time user of
    Kijiji, but have become frustrated by my new posts so quickly getting
    buried and Kijiji constantly ‘suggesting’ I buy my way to the top of the
    listings. I mean, what kind of free classifieds is that? It’s not. So
    it’s nice to find there are other options such as LocoBiz out there!

    • LocoBiz

      Thanks for your comment Peggy. Yes, it is frustrating. We often post our members’ Ads on our social fan page for free. Our members are our assets. Please spread the word out. Thanks.

      • Peggy Suzana

        That’s great to know!

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