Let’s Hire Local Heroes

We have high expectations from our community and the people live around us. But have we been fair to them? Have we supported our community and in particular the small and home base businesses and startups in our communities?

LocoBiz made small business owners and entrepreneurs more visible to their community so you could find and hire them easier. They can showcase their services and products by sharing images and videos. Small business owners and entrepreneurs can provide a link to their social fan pages so you could learn more about them. They can have multiple service-service profiles for different locations so you learn about geographical coverage and their time of operations.

Also, through our geolocation search system, we made it easy for you to find them, hire them and provide them with your valuable feedback. You can make them Favorite and call them quickly.

Let’s support local businesses. Let’s give them a chance. Let’s hire local heroes.


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  • David

    This service will enable the majority of small business owners as well as local entrepreneurs to showcase their skills and enhance the customer experience. You know what, I was highly impressed by the term you’ve used here: “heroes”. Yes, they truly are heroes and their services to their respective areas are priceless!

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