Local SEO: How to Rank High in Google’s Local 3-Pack

People do millions of search every day on google. As a local business owner, you got to have a digital strategy which should start with Google. More visibility means more business, and to gain more visibility your business needs to show up on the first page of Google, period.

Recently Google changed the way it shows local businesses on the Google map. Here is a summary of the changes:

  • The 7-pack listing of local search results is now a 3-pack
  • Google Maps is still hugely important
  • Google+ is less of a focus in local search
  • Websites are more visible
  • Phone numbers are not as visible, but still easily found
  • No changes to how reviews and review stars are displayed

So, showing up in the pack of 3 is harder than 7, right. How can you improve your ranking and hopefully show up on the top-3 list? Here are tricks:

  • Dominate a niche rather than the whole market; this gives you a better chance to be shown in the 3-pack
  • Your website’s on-page content; your content should tell a clear story, advantages, benefits, etc.
  • Your website’s off-page signals e.g. listed on local directories
  • Use Google Maps on your contact page
  • Consistency in your contact details over web; also make a different page for different locations you serve
  • Local reviews ; ask your customers to leave reviews on yelp, locobiz and other local directories
  • Get your google map listing optimized; be as complete as possible, store hours, personnel, images, etc.
  • Build local backlinks e.g. schools, educational, local directory listings and other local sites


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  • Francesca Jake

    It seems this change by google affected my website ranking. I no longer find my website on first page search results. I will try the tricks. I’d hope I will get back to first page. Thanks for the tips!

    • LocoBiz

      Glad that you liked this article. After the latest Google update having genius customer reviews is one of the biggest factors in local search engine ranking. You could ask your customers to post their feedback on Google small business, yelp and LocoBiz.

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