If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.

My father’s voice still rings in my ears… “don’t be a dreamer, just do it”.

Amazingly his instructions didn’t stop me from dreaming but just added “doing” to my agenda.

Why is it important to dream?

There is a limit to knowledge but creativity is limitless“, Einstein. Need is the mother of innovation, and I argue that creativity and dreaming are the engines of it. Through dreaming you overcome fear, mechanical obstacles, shortage of funds and any other burdens that stand between you and your target. When you dream, you visualize your success. It can be a new device, a tech-wear, or a small shop in your neighborhood, but the point is that you visualize it in your mind. Right there, when you see it in your mind, you need to think of the details, why? because those details are integral parts of what you will be building. Without the details, your dream may be like others’. Without a unique competitive advantage, your dream when realized, may not win in the competition.

Why is it important to do it?

While keep dreaming, it is important that you do it too. You start by talking to people about your dream. Their input makes your dream more perfect. You start understanding what makes your dream unique (competitive advantage); also you learn about its flaws, so you can fix them. You receive input from others as of how your dream could serve people and how it could atisfy their need (customer experience), work faster, cost cheaper and work in harmony with other items around it.

Others’ input gives you the confidence to spend more resources (time and money) on your dream. Some may even offer help (again, time and money). Your execution team starts forming with those around you that can connect with your dream and get excited about it. You get to the stage that you are ready to do it.

Still, you might decide to take a baby step, build a prototype, a sample. Something good enough to impress future investors for the next funding round. Something that you could check crowdfunding community. Something that you can see, and feel, you could show it to others so they critic it. This baby step would help reduce risk and elevate the chance of success when you go for the real scenario.

The doping phase can be done in different ways. But you have to do it, even on a small scale so you learn more about your dream, how feasible it is, how close your dream can be manifested, and to decide would it worth taking the big step at all.


But all starts with a dream, if you can dream it, you can do it.

Koorosh Nejad

Koorosh started up his first venture in 1999, an online flower shop. He is an angel investor and a startup guru in the technology domain. Koorosh believes in developing local economies through sup...

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