How to Use LocoBiz to Improve Your Sale?

In the Internet marketing world there is one simple rule; higher ranking in the search engines brings in more visitors, and more visitors means more sales.

Your profile and your Ads on LocoBiz are indexed in search engine. This is good but not good enough. Here are few tips how your Ads on LocoBiz could rank higher on Google search engine.

Your Profile Name

Usually this must be your personal name, for example “Joe Smith”. Avoid general names such as “blue sky”, or “wild horse”. These are not unique names and most of the search engines ignore indexing them. Remember, improving your personal brand is equally as important as your business brand. Put your name out there and be proud of yourself for your small business.

Your Ads Title

Pick a representative name for the title of your Ads. For example “Music Lessons” lacks the location tag. A better title name for your LocoBiz Ads would be “Music Lessons Calgary”, or “Kids Music Lessons Calgary” which describes the age and the location. If you run a music school in Toronto you could create 3 identical Ads on LocoBiz and pic their titles in a way to cover a wider range of tag names and improve your search engine ranking:

  • Ads title #1: “Kids and Adults Music Lessons York Street Toronto”
  • Ads title #2: “Affordable Music Lessons York Street Toronto”
  • Ads title #3: “Classic Music Lessons Toronto North”

Your Ads Description

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. If you were to search for  a message and spa in your surrounding neighborhood say in Manhattan New York what would you type in google search engine? For this example you need to be specific about the location e.g. “Our spa saloon is location in Manhattan New York by Street #2A,..” moreover you would describe what range of services you provide for example “Our back and neck specialist would examine you for ….”.

Explain if your spa offers package deals, membership programs, promotions, etc.

Images of Your Ads

Make sure your images are the same size to avoid visitor’s inconvenience when images are browsed. An optimum size would be 600 by 400 pixels in JPEG format. Also make sure that your images have names relevant to your business. Search engines do index images too. So images of your spa for upload should not be image1.jpg and image2.jpg, instead they should name like north-manhattan-spa-beauty-mind-services-new-york-1.jpg and north-manhattan-spa-beauty-mind-services-new-york-2.jpg

Share in Social Media

Your LocoBiz Ads page is your virtual shop. Copy and past the link of your Ads page on Facebook and other social media. Suggest your clients and network to visit your Ads page and write a review for your services. Their remarks and reviews would improve your profile in search engines. And will bring more customers at your door step.

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  • Interesting read! I just realized I never got it all right. I have to start all over by editing my profile name. I wasn’t actually using my real name as pointed out. I will implement all the steps to ensure I get the best out of this. I hope to improve my sales with Locobiz. Thanks!

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