How to Secure Student Jobs Effectively?

Oxford university predicts that up to 47% of the current jobs will disappear by 2045 (read it here).

The world is changing and most of the things that once were easy to get may become very hard achieve, or at least unknown; one of them is your career.

The groups that may be most vulnerable to this change are the youth and university students.

There are several jobs that students could do to earn some cash to pay for the books and school fees (see here for few). What is more important than the job, is how to build your brand and how to market yourself. Having an online resume that once considered for celebrities (fancy?!) is becoming more popular among college and university students. The competition is fierce.

While ago it was so easy to post an ad on a local coffee shop for tutoring and get lots of calls. Nowadays, you post ads on coffee shops and post an ad on Kijiji, but even Kijiji is not as effective as before anymore (learn why not?). So as a student, you need to learn about how to present your service and reach connect to your customers i.e. marketing channels, branding, competitive advantage, value proposition, customer satisfaction, and other topics within the marketing domain, even for a small student job. For a simple tutoring job, student have to compete with out-of-job engineers, university alumni and whole bunch of smart senior people!

LocoBiz can help with your job search. Let’s take tutoring as an example. you are a student living in Mississauga Ontario. You are smart and top rated in Match and Physics, so you decide to start tutoring. What are your marketing channels?

You build a nice post on a Word A5 page, print it and post it on your university/college board, and all coffee shops in your neighborhood. This is your offline channel. But what about online channels?

Here is what you could do… you make a search on Google and make a list of free classifieds that you could have your advertising posted. For the start you make a profile on LocoBiz, Kijiji, and even on facebook, and… but, not too fast, not all these channels work the same. You need to have a strategy for each of these online channels.

In future posts, we will discuss how to plan your online marketing strategy for your small tutoring business. Just remember, up to here, you learned that you need to have an online strategy besides posting flyers in coffee shops.


Image: courtesy of Daily Herald.


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  • Peggy Suzana

    I agree; students need to take the initiative to bring in funds. Better to rely on yourself than to hope you get enough student loans, grants, or scholarships because it might not be enough anyway. With a little planning, research, and the right platform, you can have the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with earning your own money, your way. You can even start to feel like a bit of an entrepreneur!

  • Rachael Jens

    Thanks for the tips. I understand one has to create online channels for marketing purposes. Things are getting tough as days goes by.. As a student, I know what I pass through these days. I’ll be looking forward to read your post on how to plan online marketing strategy for small tutoring business.

    Many thanks,

    • Thanks for your comment. Glad to hear about your plan to start tutoring. Please take a look at this link, take this as a starting point: You could also open a profile on LocoBiz under Education > Tutoring. Please post your experience in this page so others can learn about your experience.

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