How I Ranked on The First Page of Google Search Engine?!

How can you get on the first page of Google search result?

There are several factors that help your website go on the first page of Google, one of them is to have more backlinks to your website. This is one of the ways that Locobiz. could help. Another way that could help is to receive positive reviews from your customers on your Locobiz Ad (read more here on Google 3 pack). There are many many other factors including your page authority index, your page popularity index, the number of back-links to your website, the content of your site and the number and usefulness of the content… the list goes on and on.


Take a look at the following examples to see how your LocoBiz Ad could rank on the first page of Google, even higher than your business website:

Case 1Shirin Askari with CIR  ranks second right on the first page when you search Google for “Persian Realtor in Calgary”. Her Locobiz Ad ranked higher than her own business website. Shirin is a local realtor in Calgary.

Case 2Marco Federico’s ad ranks 9 on the first page of Google when you search for “chartered professional accountant in Laval”. Marco is a local chartered accountant in Laval Quebec, Canada. His business website is underway, so he got on the first page of Google before even his website is up.


Get listed and go on the first page of Google for free. Be seen, be visible, be on the map.


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Koorosh Nejad

Koorosh started up his first venture in 1999, an online flower shop. He is an angel investor and a startup guru in the technology domain. Koorosh believes in developing local economies through suppor...

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