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How Google Local SEO Pack Ranking Factors Work?


How Google Local SEO Pack Ranking Factors Work?

Showing up in Google local SEO map what some call it Google 3-pack is the ultimate target for many local businesses. It brings credit, reputation and put your business in front of the customer, right on the Google map, on top of the 1st page of the search results page.

There was interesting founding in Local SEO Guide’s recent report that I thought you must know. Some of the founding are no secret.


What are the key factors to show up in Google local SEO map?

As the ordinal factors in below chat shows the biggest factor is your website. A fast-loading website, loaded with relevant and informative content to your niche plays the biggest role in your business showing up on the 3-pack. Following to the website in the Google My Business (GMB). The 3rd factor is links and the 4th is off-site local citation.




Top Most Important Factor in Google Local SEO is Your Website

And that is what most of the local and small businesses are still so behind. Organic ranking of your page still is the king. Relevant and quality content are measured by number of times read shared by visitors. SEO factors such as number of words er page, keyword density, number of images per page, etc. are all add up in ranking of your website and its impact on its competition to land on Google 3-pack. Not sure where to start from, try our website audit.


The Second Factor in Landing on Google Local SEO is Your Google My Business

Amazing, isn’t it. And you only created your Google My Business in 10 minutes and don’t visit it more that twice a month. The single most important factor in your Google My Business page is your customer reviews. If there is only one thing that you should be doing on your GMB is to make sure that you receive few good reviews on your GMB every week, regularly.



Back-Links Is The Third Factor on Landing on Google Local SEO 3-Pack

The research on how back-links help rank higher on Google Local SEO reveals that the location and the name of the city in the anchor text of the back-link is extremely important. Obviously the higher the domain and page authority where you receive the back-link, the higher score you receive. Need quality link building? See why our composite local citation packages out-beat the market.




Put 80% of your resources (marketing budget, time and focus) on your website and your Google My Business page. Get quality content on your website, then make pages SEO sharp. Make sure to ask your customers to leave reviews on your GMB page. You can make a link to your GMB on your website and your marketing emails; provide incentive to receive reviews.

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