Hire Local, a Campaign by LocoBiz

We truly believe that hiring local can make a difference in our society and will improve the local economy. To serve our mission we have started a campaign called Hire Local. If you believe in this too, please share this page to support hiring local.

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Hire Local, a Campaign by LocoBiz

Why hire locally?

Because your act matters,
because it is contagious,
to make a difference,
to stand out,
to lead by example,
to show caring,
to influence more,
to shine.to make warm memories,
to make someone’s day,
to open hearts,
to give a hand,
to give back,
to foster your community,
for your children to learn,
to build ties,
to network,
to build allies,
to improve local economies,
to help families,
to combat crime,
to support youth,
to make good karma,
to embrace change,
to be the inspiration,
to be the voice, not echo,
to give a chance.


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