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LocoBiz is a local directory. It is a marketplace to allow local entrepreneurs and home-based businesses post their skills and reach out to their clients. It also allows users call for simple and agile services that they need on a daily basis.

We inspire local entrepreneurs, we empower them by providing tools and techniques to build their profile and we connect them to their clients through our geo-location and category search platform.

Unlike other directory and classified site that mostly focus on sales of goods, we focus on your skills; those skills such as baby sitting, snow removal, dog walking, painting, tutoring, personal trainer and so on.

You can also use LocoBiz for things you need or wanted; for example you may need a cleaner for your rental property in a different city, or need a translator in the city of business destination that you plan to travel to. Simply, the limit is sky as how you could use LocoBiz to make life easy AND help you and other local service providers.

As a local entrepreneur you can :

- Present your skill sets to your community by opening a profile on LocoBiz,
- Get higher ranking on search engines with having a profile and multiple ads on LocoBiz,
- Receive hints and tips on how to build your brand, connect to your clients, maintain your service quality, and other valuable content through our newsletter,

All above services are free of charge.

As a user you can :

- Search for a service provider or talent close to where you live,
- Rate and leave a review for the service you received,
- Post an Ad to LocoBiz and ask for a services you need,

All above services are free of charge.

Almost anything, as long as it is in compliance with our Terms. For the safety of our users, families and communities your account will be closed permanently if any violation and abuse is reported.

No, LocoBiz is only a platform to connect users. We do not involve in the review, qualification and assessment of the services posted on our website by users neither in the pricing of those services nor the transaction of service fees between users.

The response time to any of user ads is entirely up to the owner of the ad. You can resend your inquiry or call them if they have shared a number.

Your ads will show up on:

- Geo-location search results,
- Category search results (multiple category listings),
- Keyword search results.

Your Ads can have a better visibility and exposure if you make them Featured. They will be highlighted when shown on geo-location search results. Also they will show on the top of the list in category and keyword search results.

Yes, you can edit, disable or remove your Ads through your dashboard any time. We recommend to only disable them if you don't want then to be visible.

At the moment our system allows 3 active Ads on LocoBiz. Please contact us if you need to have more Ads.

Yes, you may create a LocoBiz Ads if you live outside UK, Canada or US. We will be expanding to your country soon.

Please see our introduction to search marketing here. Also please visit our blog page for more articles on Internet and social media marketing here.

Please send a Termination Request to our admin (

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