Do Posting in Free Classifieds Help SEO?

The online users are increasing exponentially. More and more people use search engines and social media to search for the products and services that they need. The work needed to be done around people’s house may be exactly what your business or skills are about. It could be as small as cleaning snow, mowing lawn, small plumbing job, babysitting, helping elderly with their housework and so on. So online marketing can definitely help to promote and sell your product and services without investing big bucks in local papers and spend a lot on flyers. The good news is that registration in most of the free classifieds is simple and only takes few minutes.

Classified ads can also improve the search engine ranking of your blogs, facebook page, website and any other online platform you may have. If you have a startup, a small business, or home-based business that are trying to build your exposure and increase their revenue online posting few ads on online Canadian classifieds can help.

What is classified advertising?

In simple terms, the ads that you see on newspapers which can also be found on online magazines, news portals etc. classified ads can help you boost your products or blog’s exposure at a cheaper cost, they usually cost you really cheaper when compared to other marketing strategies.

So basically classified SEO ads are usually free to use and used to increase your products or your online platform (e.g. website, blog, etc.).

How classified ads are helpful?

The majority of the marketers and SEO enthusiasts use classified ads for traffic optimization. Yet, you must remember that using free classifieds for SEO has to be done carefully.

Free classified ads are a very important tool in the online marketing business. They do not cost anything and can start providing results from the very moment that they get posted online.

A classified ad has four parts:

  • Headline: The art of crafting an effective free classified ad includes creating a cleverly crafted and effective Headline. An attractive headline makes expert use of keywords that generate interest and bring in the much-desired readers and buyers.
  • Details: It then goes on to providing details of the product or services for example “caring and affordable dog walking services” in North West Calgary”. Make sure to include keywords that differentiate you from others. This can simply increase your visibility in Google search engine. Also, should mention the location, e.g. if you use established free Canadian classifieds such as to promote your small business in Canada, make sure you mention the city and neighborhood of your physical address. So your ad detail would read “caring and affordable dog walking services in North West Calgary”.
  • Contact details: Widen your chance of success by providing all type f connecting means such as email, cell, skype, your facebook address, etc.
  • Link back: Some of the Canadian classifieds allow leaving link backs to your web platforms such as website, Google+ page, Facebook face, Twitter and so on. Make sure that you leave as many links as possible. The links can also be noted in the Details section of the classifieds advertising.

SEO for classified websites: what to keep in mind?

So what are the things to keep in mind when doing SEO through classified websites? Here are few essential things to keep in mind with classified SEO ads.

  • Do not submit classified ads that do not carry good content as it will do next to nothing for your business or SEO.
  • High bounce back rate on your website’s statistics mean that your ad on the online classifieds may not be representing your website and the type of the services you provide. Make sure that the title and the details of your ad on classifieds are developed carefully and is a true representation of your business, skills sets, products, services, and the values you propose to the customer.
  • Make sure to use those classifieds websites that allow you to use back links and direct marking. Post updates that you wish to publicize such as expos, meetings, gatherings, exhibitions and so on  as they tend to capture search engines interest rather quickly.


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  • Peggy Suzana

    This was something I was not aware of til I saw it here. Actually, I’m new to all of this traffic optimization / SEO stuff so it’s still a bit confusing, you know? Can you explain a bit more how having links from free classifieds helps my blog? My blog has info on my tutoring services and also some samples of my writing in case anyone wants to hire a freelance writer 😉

    • LocoBiz

      Hi Peggy, this is a good question. Search engines look at several key factors when they rank any website, including your writing and tutoring blog. For example one of them is the speed of showing your page on a browser, or Loading Time. The other factor is what it is called Popularity factor. The number of link-backs to your page, as well as number of discussions that your name or the name of your website is mentioned is used as an indicator of how popular your website is. Number of Customer Reviews in the Internet would also elevate your page popularity index. Having multiple Ads on LocoBiz could help with creating backlink as well as Review and Favorite features for your website. They are all free!

      • Peggy Suzana

        Thanks a lot for the info.

  • Mitchelle M.

    So good to know this. I thought these classified ads are paid ads. I’m interested but I rarely know any website that really does free classified ads. Can you suggest any website? I will appreciate your response to this effect. Thanks!

  • David

    WOW! To be honest, being a website owner who’s still trying to master the art of SEO, this article became an unexpected blessing for me. I really didn’t know that classifies possessed the potential to have a considerable effect on the process of search engine optimization. The important facts mentioned in the article were duly noted and I will surely try classifieds as a mean of improving SEO of my site.

    Thank you very much for the informative article! Keep it up!

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