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Free Switch on Cable Internet from CanNet – Toronto GTA

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CanNet Rolled  out the new offer on  Internet single cable plan ! Receive the first 2 years of Single cable 100M Internet package at $39.98/m with free switch offer. This offer is only for the Rogers Service Area.

Depending on the type of Internet you want of course, we are talking about the free switch offer on Single cable 100 M internet plan. You can enjoy the offer at lowest price. You have 2 options :

Transfer from a Direct Competitor
New Signup

1. If you Transfer from a Direct Competitor:

They offered me 100M Unlimited High Speed Cable Internet for $39.98/month with a free rental and price guarantee for the first 2 years!
Only for customers who are currently using: an Unlimited FTTN 25M Plan at $34.99/month; FTTN 50M Plan at $39.99/month; or 100M at $39.99/month.
The transfer is completely free!
There is no contract!
There is no limit, cap or restrictions on your internet!
To qualify for this special promotion you have to produce an invoice from your current ISP (Internet Service Provider) to prove you are paying less than $40 for your plan and you will be eligible.

2. If you are a New Sign Up:

New sign up’s still get the same great discounted price of $39/month; however, the modem rental is not free.
You have to two options for your modem:
Wired Modem: Hitron CDA3-20; rent – $4.98/month; purchase – $99 (Installation + shipping will be waived)
Wireless Mode: Cisco DPC3848; rent – $6.98/month (Currently no purchasing option)
Customers will be charged $29.98/month for installation but it will credit back on your first invoice; so basically free installation.

To order service or speak to a agent call us at 416-800-2323 or visit the promotional page: here

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