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Professional Drafting Services 25+ Years Experience

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www.DGdraft.com – House Plans, Permits and Renovations – Reasonable Prices !

Hello, My name is Daryl (C.E.T.) I’m 52 years old and at the top of my game.

** The best value added service I provide these days is the live, 3D, online design review meetings. Everyone loves them because so much is accomplished in such a short period of time and everyone leaves feeling good.

I represent my customers by producing high end professional grade drawings for Development Permits, Building Permits and Re-Zoning Applications for New Homes, Infills, Duplexes, Garages, Basement Suites, Renovations of all Kinds, Carriage Houses, Decks, Commercial Properties, Places of Worship, Additional Windows and Signage Permits . . . just to mention a few. If they need a permit I can get you there : )

The actual construction site location and / or your whereabouts these days isn’t actually critical as I do plans and drafting services for houses across the country and often file for permits online.

We take full advantage of my ‘Online Viewing Services’ so you can sit back in the comfort of your home, see my computer screen on your computer screen (or iPad / Apple TV) and together we do live editing and review of your project. My customers absolutely love it !

I use both Autodesk REVIT and AutoCAD software to draw depending on the situation.

I’ve been working in the residential drafting business for over 25 years so I’ve got the system down. Knowing the Zoning and Land Use Bi-Laws (1P2007) and the DP vs BP requirements along with the complicated Contextual rules is no small task.

Have a look at the images provided and my web site www.DGDRAFT.com for many recent sample projects. * When shopping for a drafting service always ask for a few drawing samples that actually attained permits with their letterhead and company title blocks as it’s simply too easy these days to just grab an image off the web. Ask to see a full set of ‘detailed permit worthy’ drawings . . . . then compare them to mine.

Drafting prices vary depending on a several things such as: the square footage, site grading, if its a walkout, the roof style and or dormers / loft, bonus room, attached or detached garage, structural complexity, foundation complexity, exterior finishing details, if there are architectural guidelines to follow, if there’s a deck and it’s complexity, renovation tie in(s) to the existing house, whether there’s a development permit involved.

Drawings for Development Permits and Building Permits generally include: site plan, street scape, block plan, exterior elevations, foundation plan, floor plans, roof plan, building sections, details, door and window schedules, electrical plans and general building specifications.

Managing and applying for the various permits thenselves will depend on the situation.

I also have survey people and structural people to call in as required.

* Fast turn around times and reasonable prices from a Seasoned Professional Draftsman.


Shadow Studies also available. Copy and Paste this link to your web browser: http://animatedshadowstudy.blogspot.ca/

Daryl – Calgary – House Plans
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