Content Marketing Tips for Small Business

When you run a small business you are the man/woman for all seasons.

You develop or produce the material that your customers need, you manage books and expenses, you answer phone calls, you travel to fairs and other venues to open up new markets and …. so in such a busy agenda when do you find time to create digital content for your business? A lot of small business owners do frequent posts on Kijiji and Craigslist. Such channels are outdated and only show despair; and, they are less and less effective because your post will be thrown out on page 28 in a matter of minutes.

Statistics show that more and more customers reach out to vendors and supplier online, simply through searching Google and Bing. You have a nice website, but is this it? How do you keep touch with customers? Oh ok, you have a facebook fan page that you post pictures and write updates about your business and promotions… what else you can do to market your small business through digital channels?

If you are running round the clock to get your small business rolling, then use the following techniques to generate or transform the digital content more efficiently.

  1. Republish your blog post on Medium to reach out to more audience,
  2. Create quote posts on Instagram using Apps such as WordSwag,
  3. Create quick infographics on Canva ,
  4. Save your Facebook Live videos and post them on YouTube,
  5. Transcribe your audio to text using Trint,
  6. Share your blog post in your email newsletter,
  7. Show behind-the-scenes footage of you creating the content on  Snapchat and Instagram Stories.


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Koorosh Nejad

Koorosh started up his first venture in 1999, an online flower shop. He is an angel investor and a startup guru in the technology domain. Koorosh believes in developing local economies through suppor...

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