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Why We Started A Business Directory For Mobile Bicycle Technicians in The UK?

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Why We Started A Business Directory For Mobile Bicycle Technicians in The UK?

We built a business directory for mobile bicycle technicians in the UK, why, because this is what we do. We help small businesses grow.

Indeed our research indicated that there is no proper database for local and mobile bicycle technicians in London nor in the United Kingdom. There are couple of outdated directories that are good in one aspect, and come short on other.

The directory is set up under www.BikesnCycles.com. You can also reach out to the page through www.BikesnCycles.co.uk and www.LocalCytech.co.uk.


So why this niche is emerging?

High inflation rates over the past few decades has made commercial real estate in London (and most of the European capitals) to the roof. Annual rent of a 500 to 800 sqf shop within London M25 can be anywhere from 10,000 to over 200,000 pounds. Other fees and levies push the retail industry towards two emerging models, a. online, and b. mobile!

Smart phones have enabled customers searching for bicycle repair services find local centres quickly. If your bicycle is broken at the middle of your regular commute from work to home, you could search Google to find the closest bicycle shop; but what about when you are out on a bike holiday trip, in the other word cycling in a completely new biking route. Still Google can do the miracle and list you several bicycle shops around you. So why Google is not good enough when it comes to search for the closest bicycle technicians near you?


Why Google is not good enough when it comes to search for bicycle technicians near you?

When you search Google (or Bing, Yahoo,…) for “bicycle technician” or “bicycle shop” you get an unqualified list of bicycle related links. The link shows the top 3 ranked (or the Google 3-pack, or Google local SEO list) on a map and the rest on a list. The Google’s search result page does not tell you if the bike techs are mobile (or in-store), if the tech or the service centre is available or not, if the bike tech is Cytech certified, if he or she works on Saturdays/Sundays and the list goes on and on. Just imagine that it is raining and it is getting dark and you desperately need a qualified bicycle technician to come up and fix your bike, or pick you and your bike up, take you to the closest coffee shop so you can take a rest while he or she fixes your bike. Wouldn’t this be a descent service?!


find local and mobile bicycle technicians near you in the UK



Let’s say you are planning for a bike holiday.   Using Bikes’n Cycles UK  you can swiftly search for mobile bicycle techs along your cycling route, choose the techs you like and save them in your favorite. In case of an emergency all you need is to reach out to your cell phone and call the technician.


How Bikes’n Cycles UK help mobile bicycle technicians?

While the community of mobile bicycle technicians in UK is growing fast, our research indicated that only a small part of the community is well aware of search engine marketing. This group is mostly consist of larger bicycle stor chains and few tech savvy bike technicians.

Bikes’n Cycles UK offers a feature rich profile to bicycle techs and local bike stores. Bicycle techs can upload profile description, images, videos, address, location, link to their social fan pages, and even unlimited FAQ. From search engine marketing point of view, a completed profile of a bike tech on Bikes’n Cycles UK would rank the mobile technician higher on search engine results page (SERP); that means more leads. Mobile techs can link different booking and appointment systems to their profile and start accepting bookings right on their profile.

Customers can search profiles based on location, Cytech certification level, if this is a mobile or in-store service shop, working days and hours (e.g. Saturday or Sunday), and so on. Profiles of the bicycle techs near you are pinned on a map that makes life very easy. The responsive design of the platform makes it easy-to-use on mobile phones when you are on the go.


What else this platform offer?

Bikes’n Cycles UK allows users to post unlimited number of bicycle classifieds for free. In addition to places like GumTree where you can post a classified to sell your old bicycle or find one to buy, now you can post a free classified and buy, sell or trade your bicycle on the Bikes’n Cycles UK.

Here is the list of the groups of people who can benefit from Bikes’n Cycles UK:

  • Bicycle fans looking for local and mobile technicians
  • Bicycle fans who want to buy, sell or trade bicycle locally
  • Local and mobile bicycle technicians (to become more visible and accessible to their customers)
  • Bicycle stores who sell and repair bicycles
  • Companies who provide bicycle repair schemes to corporations
  • Shops and companies who rent bicycle
  • Organizers of cycling tours and bicycle vacations
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