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DIY Digital Marketing for Canadian Small Business

It’s no accident that you read this. You own a business in Canada and you searched Google (or Bing) for DIY digital marketing tools fo...

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What Makes LocoBiz Different Than Other Canadian Classifieds?

If you live in Canada and think of promoting your small business, what would you do? Most of the people create a facebook fan page, some oth...

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Want to Kick Big Boys’ Butt? Marketing Tips for Small Business.

When you work from home or run a small business your resources are limited. Your marketing and advertising budget over a year may be in a ra...

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Does Your Company Have a Website?

Does your company have a website? It seems like a trivial question in this day and age. I wouldn’t even consider starting a business w...

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Cost of Customer Acquisition (COCA) – Marketing Tips

Depending on what is that you plan to offer e.g. goods (T-shirt, dogs accessories, …) or services (tutoring, babysitting, snow removal...

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Content Marketing Tips for Small Business

When you run a small business you are the man/woman for all seasons. You develop or produce the material that your customers need, you man...

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Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses – SSL

Do you know why every website should use SSL? The SSL provides higher encryption layer when your customers’ computer communicates dat...

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Your Happy Customers Are Your Best Marketers – Marketing Tips

Regardless of the type of the service or product that your small business offers, your end users trust each other more, than you. You are sm...

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To be different or to be better?!

You have seen quotes suggesting “be you, be different”, or “be different or be dead”, or “be different to stand out”. What these...

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Good Things Happen to Those Who Go on the Map, on Locobiz!

Why should small businesses go on the map? Because being on the map is one of the key factors in search engine ranking, Because being on th...

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How I Ranked on The First Page of Google Search Engine?!

How can you get on the first page of Google search result? There are several factors that help your website go on the first page of Google,...

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The Top 100 Franchises of 2017

Every year the top performing and the most popular franchises are ranked. If you want to go into a business for yourself, but not by yoursel...

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