Teresa A.

My inspiration are usually figurative art, natural beauty, landscape and real event. Usually a small picture or a personal event can be a much stronger of an inspiration for me compare to sitting on the side of the beach. Even though I love the nature I have to sit in the same spot or take a look at a flower for hours before painting; while looking at a child picture make me take my brush right away. Please remember each one of these painting or artwork have a message that they carry. Most of them are done for a special person and are not available. If a friend had lost a dog or cat and wanted a memory then I had a responsibility to make that possible as you see in a lots of these painting. If you are ever interested to make your memory unforgettable then please contact me for an amazing work.

50% off all online original paintings available for sale

Enjoy the art done in our city of Calgary. There is a link below to the website and you are able to have the available painting for half price in the website. Let me know if you are interested in any of them. Artist: T.A. If you like to come and take a lo...

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